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What is Pre-Leased Multiplex?

Pre-leased Multiplex are the Multiplex that are taken by the investors by the builder on a contractual basis or is the rental property. Pre- Leased multiplex is the best source to analyze what kind of the audience resides nearby. In a city like Gurgaon, the multiplex is the best industry to invest your capital as the percent of youth population residing there are inclined towards the film industry. They would never miss a show which ultimately would benefit the investor. Pre-leased Multiplex gives the surity to the investor of getting back the invested capital amount with some interest.

  • Why to Invest in Pre Leased Multiplex vs Restaurants?

    The Pre-leased Multiplex are proved out to be more profitable than the restaurants as pre-leased multiplex work independently without any services. Investing in a restaurant means looking for a chef, staff and decoration along with other stuff such as marketing whereas multiplex do not go for marketing stuff. Investors of pre-leased multiplex have owned this on contractual basis which means giving rent for a specific period of time. Within that period of time, investors are expected to gain double the amount of investment.

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